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The European Steel Market Shocked and Divided in March

The European Steel Market Shocked and Divided in March

In February, the European flat products market fluctuated and differentiated, and the prices of main varieties rose and fell. The price of hot-rolled coil in EU steel mills rose by US$35 to US$1,085 compared with the end of January (ton price, the same below), the price of cold-rolled coil remained stable, and the prices of hot-dip galvanized and medium and heavy plate fell, respectively, down by US$25 from the end of January. and $20, with prices at $1270 and $1120. The initial value of the Eurozone manufacturing PMI in February was 58.4, which was lower than the previous value and expectations. After a brief acceleration in January, the manufacturing expansion slowed down slightly in February, and the demand for flat products was relatively stable. Considering factors such as supply issues, the increase in heat Rolled coil prices, and other small-scale companies followed suit. The latest forecast of the European Commission shows that the euro zone economy is expected to grow by 4.0% in 2022, down from the previous 4.3%. However, as the epidemic eases, the euro zone economy may accelerate from the spring, which will boost market sentiment. At the same time, Russia The Ukrainian conflict has a certain impact on steel imports. It is expected that the European flat steel market will show a trend of strong shocks in March.


2019-2022 EU steel mill flat product price chart

Post time: Mar-02-2022