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New regulations on foreign trade in September

New regulations on foreign trade in September


1. The new format of the Certificate of Origin of China – Switzerland will be implemented on September 1
According to Announcement No. 49 of the General Administration of Customs on adjusting the format of certificate of origin under China Switzerland free trade agreement (2021), China and Switzerland will use the new certificate of origin from September 1, 2021, and the upper limit of commodity items contained in the certificate will be increased from 20 to 50, which will provide greater convenience for enterprises.

In terms of export, the Chinese customs, the China Council for the promotion of international trade and its local visa agencies will issue a new version of the Chinese certificate from September 1 and stop issuing the old version. If an enterprise applies to change the old version of the certificate after September 1, the customs and the Council for the promotion of international trade will issue a new version of the certificate.
For imports, the Customs can accept the new Swiss certificate of Origin issued from 1 September 2021 and the old Swiss Certificate of Origin issued before 31 August 2021 inclusive.

2. Brazil lowers import tax on video game products
Brazil issued a federal decree on August 11, 2021 to reduce the industrial product tax on game consoles, accessories and games (impasto Sobre Produtos industrialization, referred to as IPI, industrial product tax needs to be paid when importing and manufacturers/importers sell in Brazil).

This measure aims to promote the development of the video game and video game industry in Brazil.

This measure will reduce the IPI of handheld game consoles and game consoles from 30% to 20%;

For game consoles and game accessories that can be connected to TV or screen, the tax reduction rate will be reduced from 22% to 12%;

For game consoles with built-in screens, whether they can be carried or not, the IPI tax rate is also reduced from 6% to zero.
This is the third tax cut for the video game industry since Brazilian president bosonaro took office. When he first took office, the tax rates of the above products were 50%, 40% and 20% respectively. The Brazilian E-sports market has grown significantly in recent years. Well-known Brazilian teams have established exclusive E-sports teams, and the number of viewers watching the live broadcast of E-sports Games has also increased greatly.

3. Denmark announced the lifting of all epidemic prevention restrictions on September 10
Denmark will lift all new epidemic prevention restrictions on September 10, the Guardian reported. Denmark’s Ministry of Health announced that COVID-19 had no longer posed a serious threat to society due to the high vaccination rate in the country.

According to our world data, Denmark has the third-highest vaccination rate in the EU, with 71% of the population vaccinated with two doses of neocrown vaccine, followed by Malta (80%) and Portugal (73%). The “new crown passport” was launched on April 21. Since then, Danish restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms, stadiums and hair salons are open to anyone who can prove that he has been fully vaccinated, that the test results are negative within 72 hours, or that he has recovered from the infection of the new crown in the past 2 to 12 weeks.

4. Russia will cut oil export tax from September
As an important global energy supplier, Russia’s every move in the oil industry affects the “sensitive nerve” of the market. According to the latest news of the market on August 16, the Russian Energy Department announced a piece of major good news. The country decided to reduce the oil export tax to 64.6 US dollars/ton (equivalent to about 418 yuan/ton) from September 1.


Post time: Sep-28-2021